First Vote 2019

may 8 2019, brock university

First Vote hosted Niagara students for the second time at this full-day conference that aims to improve their awareness, knowledge, and understanding of politics. We focused on political issues which affect youth directly to help them learn about what is going on in the country and prepare them for their First Vote in the federal election in October.

first vote poster #2.png

This event began with a keynote from youth leaders on the power of the vote. It continued with a mini lecture from Dr. Tim Heinmiller on How Government Works, followed by an explanation of the division of powers. After lunch, students engaged in a speed-networking session with candidates from each political party for the riding of St. Catharines, Brock University student political clubs, and local community organizations, to learn how politics impact their community.

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Photos by Victoria Goertz at Morning Light Photography

Photos by Victoria Goertz at Morning Light Photography