Our Vision

We believe that the future is you(th) and now is our time to make an impact.

Youth aged 18-25 have, historically, held the lowest voter turnout in all of Canada. This is what sparked a need to change that: to empower youth to engage in their communities, influence government decisions, and get out and vote.

A group of Political Science students took this need to action and began First Vote, a one-day crash course for grade 12 students on Canadian politics, networking with candidates, and youth advocacy, to prepare students for their First Vote.

That first conference sparked a future of youth empowerment initiatives, from federal-level civic engagement conferences, in-class workshops, media campaigns, and more, to showcase the power of youth voice in Niagara.

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Our Motto

The future is you(th) and now is our time to make an impact

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Our Vision

We believe that youth voices have the power to shift the future of our city, our province, and our nation.

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Our Mission

Empowering you(th) to engage in civic affairs, influence government, and to get out and vote.

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